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Leatherman Multitool Wave+

Leatherman Multitool Wave+

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The Leatherman Wave Plus is the developed version of the Leatherman Wave. A super handy multitool that has been improved in some crucial areas compared to the immensely popular Leatherman Wave. The highlights are the strongly improved belt pouch and the exchangeable wire cutters in the pliers.

With very manageable dimensions, the Leatherman Wave+ is equipped with a large number of extremely practical and functional tools. All tools are locked when unfolded. 2 knives, the file and saw can be used without opening the Wave.

Leatherman Wave Plus tools


You open the pliers by folding the handles. The jaws are equipped with small teeth for extra grip. The tip is small enough for very precise work, such as bending fish hooks or removing splinters. The back of the jaws is rounded to make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces and to bend wire easily. The pliers are equipped with an interchangeable wire cutter. This allows the cutters to be re-sharpened separately, or replaced with new cutters when they are really worn out. The wire cutters are also suitable for cutting small branches and stems. A good pair of pliers comes in handy surprisingly often!

Knife with smooth blade

The drop-point shaped blade is made of 420HC stainless steel. This stainless steel contains more carbon than ordinary 420 steel. This addition keeps the knife sharp for longer. The blade shape is suitable for almost all cutting tasks. You can easily open the blade with one hand from the outside of the tool using the thumb hole. The sharpened length of the blade is around 7 cm and the blade is sharpened to 15 degrees. The blade is only 2.5 mm thick and cuts really well.

Knife with serrated blade

This knife blade is also made from 420HC stainless steel. This knife has a strong tip due to the "sheepfoot" shaped blade. This means that the blade is not very pointed, which means that the cut has more support from the back of the blade. This blade shape is particularly great for opening boxes. The serrations certainly help too! The serrations are also great for cutting fibrous materials. For example, rope. The sharpened length of the blade is approximately 7.5 cm and the blade is sharpened at 16 degrees. This knife is also approximately 2.5 mm thick on the back.

Wood saw

The solid toothing covers approximately 6.5 cm of the saw blade. Branches up to wrist thickness are therefore no problem. The saw is thin. The back is about 1 mm thick and the teeth 1.2 mm thick. Because the back is narrower than the saw teeth, the saw does not bite into the wood and friction is reduced. In addition to live wood, this saw also makes short work of pallets and boards. The Wave is a great tool for gardening and DIY!


The file has two sides. One side has a diamond coating for sharpening. This is useful for quickly sharpening an axe in the field, for example. Due to the coarse grinding however, it is less suitable for sharpening knives. The other side has a metal file. Among other things, it is very suitable for deburring steel.

And many more useful tools!

Leatherman warranty: 25 years

A multitool should just work. That is what Leatherman is all about. Besides making a solid tool, Leatherman gives a 25 year warranty on product and material defects. No questions asked!

Leatherman Wave+ Sheath

With this sturdy sheath you can hang the Wave on your belt. It closes with a remarkably strong snap button and in terms of material Leatherman has gone for solid ballistic nylon. The sides are slightly elastic and provide stretch in the sheath.

Do you prefer to carry the Wave on the inside of your pocket? Then this matching pocket clip is a godsend!


- Blade length 7,7cm

- INOX 420HC

- Tools: bit holder, file, knife, pliers, saw, scissors, screwdriver, small screwdriver, tin opener, wire cutter, wire stripper, yardstick, metal file, pointed pliers, Phillips screwdriver

- Locking: backlock, linerlock

- Nylon case

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