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Morakniv Companion bushcraftknife MG Carbon

Morakniv Companion bushcraftknife MG Carbon

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The Morakniv Companion is a sturdy fixed blade knife at a very reasonable price. It is lightweight and feels comfortable in the hand.

The ideal bushcraft/outdoor knife. The back of the knife is not rounded which makes it very easy to use with a firesteel (ferrorod). 

The blade is made from carbon steel and is therefore not rustproof, so proper maintenance is recommended. Keeping it clean and dry and a drop of oil now and then works wonders.

The knife has been 'Scandi' sharpened and is therefore easy to sharpen yourself.

Supplied with a plastic holder with a belt clip.

- Blade length: 10.2 cm

- Weight: 78 gr

- Handle material: rubber

- Material of steel: Carbon steel

- Sharpening method: Scandi

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