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nGauge tire pressure sensor - TPMS External sensor

nGauge tire pressure sensor - TPMS External sensor

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This Bluetooth TPMS External Tyre Pressure Monitoring System allows you to monitor your tyres temperature and pressure. The TPMS also monitors failures like leaks or tyre bursts. You can add as many tyres as needed. Perfect for when you have a trailer or caravan and multiple spares wheels.

Our TPMS sensors come in kits of 1, 2 and 4. As an example, if you have 4 wheels on the car plus 1 spare, and you have a trailer with 2 wheels and 1 spare, then you can use two kits of 4 to get the 8 total sensors you need. Use the drop down menu to choose the kit of your choice.


  • Wireless
  • External installation
  • Easy to install with Anti Theft protection
  • Monitors Pressure and temperature
  • Real time monitoring
  • Warning for Leak, High Temp, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Low Battery
  • Replaceable CR1632 battery

What's in the box

  • Sensors
  • Anti Theft Nut
  • Spanner*

Sensor Specifications

  • Waterproof Standard: IP67
  • Working Humidity: 95% MAX
  • Tire Pressure Detection Range: 0-1300kPa (0-13bar)
  • Tire Pressure Detection Accuracy: ± 10kPa
  • Tire Temperature Detection Accuracy: ± 3℃
  • Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ +80℃ 
  • Battery Capacity: 140mAh 
  • Battery Life: 3~5 Years  (based on 5-3 hours of daily driving)
  • Sensor Weight: 8g±1g
  • Not to be used with tyre sealant

Like all TPMS units, the sensors go into battery saving mode when stationary or during periods where there are minimal pressure differences. 

If you do extensive driving on gravel roads, rocky trails, through mud etc. the Internal TPMS units are recommended.

*No spanner included in single and trailer kit

**You can use extra Sensors from a kit for your Suspension as well

iOS / iPhone users, please note, should you wish to use the nGauge 4x4 App while it is minimized (running in background), our gateway is required.

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