Ministry of Autonomous Travel

Welcome to the Ministry of Autonomous Travel! 

Another overlanders group because we wanted something different. No membership number, coupons or special deals for US only. We want to create a platform connecting all european overlanders where they can decide what, when, where, and with whom they want to do something. We don't have dogmas about how you travel (in a canoe, a 4x4, a van, on a bike, on your feet) as long as it is an autonomous based travel and our code becomes your mindset.  


Our Code : We respect Nature. Littering is an insult to our community. Not only pick up any of your own trash but also others people's. In other words, and like in other communities : leave it better than you found it. We respect Humans. Wave at other users, smile, talk, share. Be polite and curious. In other words and unlike in other communities : leave them better than you found them!